Kimpo University offers various exchange programs with 51 educational institutions in 21 countries. From these programs, the University has benefitted greatly in enhancing the quality of research and education.

Overseas international Language Training Program

  • Kimpo University supports overseas international language training for undergraduates in an effort to improve their language capability and let them learn international sense. This program, composed of up to 10-weeks course in its overseas exchange universities from the US, the Philippines, China, contributes to their global career build-up by means of language education, cultural back-pack journey and homestay.

Overseas Voluntary Service Program

  • During summer vacation each year, Kimpo University despatches groups of overseas voluntary service and renders educational, cultural services to the neighbors of the global community. The groups, starting from Vietnam in 2005, were despatched to China, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan and deploys a diverse range of activities in the fields of education, environment, physical service and cultural exchange.

Global Field Placement Program

  • In an effort to adapt to rapidly-changing domestic environment and shift of the world’s industries, Kimpo University is expanding global field placement programs by stages and is in the forefront of cultivating global talents by letting students to build international sense and working-level ability.

International Academic Programs

  • Kimpo University works with its overseas sister universities to create country-specific study-abroad programs. These programs help students acquire international-language skills, problem-solving skills, and greater world knowledge. It is possible to earn a dual degree while studying both at Kimpo University and its overseas sister university.

Country-based Collaboration Program

  • This program provides interdisciplinary country-based exchanges involving faculty and students in collaborative research and teaching.