The Global K-Culture Center is a global education center of the rapid waves of contemporary Korean popular culture,

the made-in-Korea international sensation led by its leading fields such as K-pop and K-drama. With the ambition to generate even more rapid waves, GKC is on the mission of being an immense typhoon of K-culture intelligence and creativity, cultivating the most influential talents its students desire to become.

In order to reach this audacious goal, GKC adopts the efficient production system of K-pop to its curriculum and teaching methodology in the most innovative way, as its faculty is a legion of active players in the highest ranking leagues, specializing in vocals, choreography, album production, stage production and broadcasting production.

Furthermore, fully respecting the most fundamental principle of education that goes ‘the best way of learning something is doing it,’ GKC’s curriculum includes a global culture experience program, interactive Korean language program and in-the-flesh experience programs for broadcasting and stage art production. On top of that, GKC accurately helps its students produce their own music and video materials for their global audition preparation and portfolio perfection as well, leading them to the professionals’ division in the international culture and art industry.