Free Shuttle Bus Service for Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Only few universities provide free transportation to students. Both domestic and international students, faculty, and staff at Kimpo University enjoy free shuttle bus service between your home and the University.

Information and Computing Institute

  • Information and Computing Institute supports effective computer use of the faculty and students and promotes digitalization of academic and administrative affairs. It has set up a very reliant computer system to serve not only the University but also the local community.

Student Infirmary

  • The Student Infirmary offers a variety of medical services, including emergency medical treatment, health education programs and medical counselling.

Student Services Center

  • The Student Services Center is an integration of the respective administrative data of the individual departments. Differently put, it is a consolidated academic administration system capable of providing a one-stop service to all students of Kimpo University. The Center provides easy and quick services such as issuing certifications, academic records, and school affairs information for an ideal campus life.

Teaching/Learning Support Center

  • Teaching/Learning Support Center runs teaching method programs such as special lectures on teaching method, creating teaching portfolio, technology work-shop, and learning-related programs such as Study Skill-Up (SSP). In addition, it has created a teaching/learning support system for the development of virtual lecture, e-Learning method, and blended learning.

Career Service Center

  • Career Service Center helps students to build his or her career more efficiently and effectively. It provides information on job openings and operates a variety of consulting programs for job-looking students. It also updates local and regional employment statistics.

Mentoring Program by Academic Advisers

  • Each academic department runs a well-organized system of assigning an exclusive professor to each student (mentor professor system) to make students' learning at ease.

Internship Program

  • Each academic department helps students build confidence in a job-related environment before actually locating a job.

international Language Education Program

  • TOEIC Star classes are being offered to improve students' English proficiency.

Special Lecture Program on Certificates (MOS)

  • Special lecture series on MOS (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook) are offered to the school community including students on a regular basis. This program helps them acquire MOS certificates through relevant lectures and strengthens students' job-finding ability.

Kimpo University Job EXPO

  • On an annual basis, prospective graduates get a chance to find many job opportunities. The Korean Ministry of Education, companies, and many Universitys and universities gather together to provide job-openings and job interviews.

Credit Recognition Program for Community Service

  • Every degree seeking student is required to perform community service to graduate. The purpose of this course requirement is to cultivate humanity and togetherness.