Kimpo University highly values its students’dreams and youth.

It is our mission to properly guide you toward the priceless fruition of your challenges based on the irreversible investment of your college years.

In 1996, the university was founded on its cornerstone philosophy to cultivate round and well balanced people of pragmatic and professional talents who can not only reach individual success but also contribute to constructing a better society. Over the past 20 years, we have been taking pride in doing just that. Yet now we face a new era of humanity, a time that calls for the most competitive, creative, and comprehensive minds to lead it.

Therefore, responding to such demand, the university has been diligently upgrading itself. In the tank of our perspiration, there are gallons of enriching our faculty with the most able educators, keenly improving the technological elements of our facilities, and networking with top-notch businesses in a variety of industries. The tank itself will grow as well, as all the good effort is in full expansion mode, strengthening the university's ability to build its alumni into a legion of winners in the more challenging than ever job market of our time.

Speaking of job market, the concept of national boarders in terms of international cultural exchange and the relevant vocational opportunities is weakening year after year, suggesting that Kimpo university must evolve itself into a truly global institute of higher learning. The campus expansion plan, school-industry network reinforcement efforts, globalization education programs development, and customized-for-individual guidance system establishment are only some of our sincere responses to such suggestion.

We therefore promise our students an education ideally on the future, to the future, for the future of both Korea and the rest of the world. Come to Kimpo University, a prominent global vocational university splashing its way to where you are, and ultimately to where you dream to be.

Kim, Jai Bok
Kimpo University