Kimpo University is located in the City of Gimpo (370 thousands people),

Gyeonggi Province, the province that encloses Seoul. Since our establishment in 1996, we have been dedicated to offer a vast range of creative academic programs for both domestic and international students who aspire to be global leaders in their chosen fields. We can be easily reached from Gimpo International Airport (30 minutes) and Incheon International Airport (45 minutes) by car or public transit.

Kimpo University, which is accredited by the Korean Council for University Education under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Education, houses four schools: the School of Smart-Information Technology, the School of Education & Welfare, the School of Management & Tourism, and the School of K-Culture. These schools offer two-, three-, and four-year academic programs over their 21 departments.

Our student body includes 3,500 domestic students and 250 international students who are taught by more than 150 professors in various disciplines.

Founding Philosophy

In step with the era of advanced information industrial society, we seek to cultivate specialists who can contribute to our nation and society, by teaching students practical theories and techniques based on fostering of humans equipped with knowledge and virtue. That is, via unending pursuit of truth and technological innovations, we seek to contribute to development of our country and creation of new history by educating practical professionalists and specialized technicians as required by the oncoming globalization era of the 21st Century.

Great Tomorrow’s Jumping Begins beyond Novelty, Specialness

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