At the time of Kimpo University's founding in 1996 in the City of Gimpo, we envisioned a leading global vocational university that promoted the internationalization of higher education.

We have been dedicated to creating innovative and globally-oriented education programs that help both domestic and international students become ‘global citizens.’ We will continue to reduce barriers in educational exchanges so that ideas, values and knowledge can freely flow across the world.

We have also served as the only regional university in the City of Gimpo to provide a variety of community outreach programs aimed at strengthening local industries in the face of changing economic and environmental tides.

Our notion of talent rests on a cornerstone of intelligence and virtue. On such basis, we guide our students in piling the solid bricks of an exceptional character. With each brick, our students construct themselves into the creative, pioneering and principled specialists they dream to be.

The pillars of such construction are humanism, globalism and pragmatism: instilling a sense of good, providing access to worldwide economies, and showing the world what contributions they can make.

In 2017 we plan to open the second campus in the city's main business district to provide a modernized student dormitory for domestic and international students, enhance university-industry collaborations, and expand our continuing education and international programs.

I am very excited to lead the Board of Trustees during this historic time, and with the support of all members of our school, we can make our university's future even greater.

Dr. Gregory H Chun
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Kimpo University