• As high school courses completed (will be completed) TOPIK scores more than 3 degree or already passed
  • Korean language course scores more than 4 degree (total percentage of attendance is more than 80%)
  • Those who meet the above will be evaluated

Semester division : 1 year 2 semesters

  • 1st semester : March – June (July, August Summer vacation)
  • 2nd semester : September - December(January, February Winter vacation)
  • Semester Application Deadline Notice of Success Terms of Enrollment Admission
    1 semester every early of January end of January early of February end of February
    2 semester every end of July first of August middle of August end of August

Admission Process


  • Domestic student : annual 5,612,000 – 6,800,000KRW/year
  • International student : annual 4,209,000 - 5,100,000KRW/year
    - he or she who completes University of Kimpo and Korean language course more than 4 degree will be offered 25% scholarship
    - International student will get exemption of the entrance fee(700,000KRW/year)
    - each department has different tuition fee

Required documents

  • application for admission 1 copy(UKP application form)
  • photo 2 copies(3×4cm)
  • high school graduate certificate and grade transcript
  • applicant and parent’s passport and enrollment copy
  • family relation certificate
  • parent proof employment and proof of annual income document
  • education certificate
  • financial proof(guarantee’s bank deposit more than USD13,000 bank statement)
    ※ all documents are submitted in English or Korean after translate vice versa
    ※ if you submit a copy original documents to verify the authentic needs(the original is returned the requested address after validation)
    ※ according to the country some of the above documents may be waived or additional required document.